I created this blog to keep track of all the weird happenings in my life. This came from a need to express what I believe has been plaguing my life. Wee Folk. They have invaded my existence. They play with your life and your mind. Bad luck and happenstance become one and the same. I have never been superstitious before, but some things are best explained by supernatural causes. With much research I started to understand that I was plagued by these creatures. My life feels like a fiction novel, that never ends. Sometimes I question if I’m just dreaming, and question my sanity. So, I became determined to show to the world my experiences and all my supporting documents. You know Peter Pan? Well I’ll have you saying ‘I do believe in fairies’ by the time I’m through with you… if you choose to follow my crazy ramblings that is. No judging! 🙂

Maybe you are seeing but not really looking.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Here I thought I was the only one to believe! Right on sister, for getting the word out so publicly. I’ll be sure to follow you!

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